You will call multiple-page publications by a variety of names, such as newsletters and magazines, paperback books, catalogs, manuals and books. We categorize them by the type of binding. We have so many binding types to offer, but our most common types below include saddle-stitched booklets, perfect bound soft cover books, and mechanical binding such as coils

Booklets are made from pages folded in half then stapled on the spine. The least expensive way to bind small numbers of pages. We have many options of paper type and thickness.

Self Cover

The cover is the same paper as the inside, as seen in magazines


Card cover

A heavier cover is added for a premium product


Perfect Bound (Soft Cover)
Soft cover or paper back books are cost effective in large or small quantities. Wrap-around covers in card stock to enclose your books of many pages.


Plastikoil bindings are inexpensive and come in many sizes and colours



Wire loops allow pages to lie flat and square


Mechanical (Coil etc.)
Often used for manuals, cook books, calendars and business documents. There are several types, each with their own advantages.


Plastic "comb" bindings can be re-opened

Case Bound (Hard Cover)
Case bound or Smythe sewn books with the inside pages sewn together in groups, then into a hard board cover with printed or unprinted covers. We can also do premium covers with foil stamping or other effects. Books can be finished off with slip covers as well. 

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